hat To Do When You Are Charged with DUI?
When you are charged with a DUI offense, there can be significant and long-lasting consequences that can impact your ability to carry out critical daily activities. Apart from your license being suspended or revoked, you may also face fines and/or jail time if the DUI proceedings do not go in your favor. Having an experienced Colorado Springs DUI attorney by your side can mitigate the severity of penalties and ensure that your rights are safeguarded in the best possible way.

The state should prove guilt beyond doubt

The first and most important thing to understand  when faced with a DUI in Colorado Springs is that the prosecutor must prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that you were driving under the influence of alcohol or other substances. Asking you to submit to a breathalyzer and road test is the officer’s first step in establishing this doubt. However, you should know that failing a sobriety test does not automatically ensure that you will lose your DUI case. A skilled Colorado Springs DUI lawyer will examine the circumstances under which the test took place and identify various factors (other than intoxication) that could have led to the results. By highlighting these factors, your defense attorney can help to prevent the state from proving your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

Erroneous and ineffective testing

In many DUI cases, the police officer administering the roadside field sobriety test may not be properly trained in carrying these tests out. Even the breathalyzer test can yield inconclusive or faulty results if the officer does not use the device in the right way. These are all aspects that can be used by your criminal defense attorney to beat the charges leveled against you. When you have been pulled over for DUI, it is imperative for you to pay keen attention to what is being said and asked of you by the police officer. Make sure to communicate all of these details to your Colorado Springs DUI attorney so that he can build the strongest case possible in your defense.

Additional Information:

For additional information pertaining to being charged with Driving Under the Influence in Colorado, please visit: http://www.dmv.org/co-colorado/automotive-law/dui.php