When can I lose my license for a DUI offense?

If the test indicates that your BAC is over 0.08%, your license will be withdrawn. For drivers under the age of 21, the limit is 0.02%. You can ask for a DMV trial within 7 days of being booked for DUI to avoid the license revocation. If you do, you may be issued a temporary driver’s license which you can use interim.

How long will I lose my license?

A 90 day suspension of your license follows a BAC test if you are a first time offender. If you refuse to take the test, you face license revocation for a one-year period. You can request a provisional license which gives you permission to carry out limited driving. For instance, during the first month of suspension, you cannot drive at all but in the following months limited driving is permitted. However, this provisional license is valid only in Colorado. You may be asked to use an ignition interlock device while the provisional license is in force. Kris Miller law is here to help you navigate these confusing processes in Colorado Springs.

Do I face the same penalties for first time DUI as repeat DUI?

Law makers are trying hard to increase the punishment for repeat DUI offenders to the extent of making the fourth DUI offense a felony crime. First time offenders may face relatively lighter penalties when compared to repeat offenders with jail time, fines, and community service hours increasing in proportion.

My license has been suspended. Can I still drive to work?

Unlike license revocation where you cannot drive at all, irrespective of your purpose or destination, license suspension grants you limited driving privileges. Even if your license is suspended, you may still be permitted to drive to and from work or school and you may be allowed to drive for medical purposes.