UI Charges When you Have a Prior DUI Conviction
If you have already been convicted for a DUI offense and you have now been cited for driving under influence again, the charges brought against you can be very serious indeed. In fact, after the revisions in 2010, Colorado DUI law now makes imprisonment mandatory for a repeat offender in an alcohol related offense. A recent article in the Denver Post mentioned that the new bill for making a fourth DUI conviction a felony has received unanimous voice vote approval in the State House clearly indicating that law makers are taking a very serious view of these offenses. Evidently, having the support of an experienced Colorado DUI attorney is very critical if you have been charged with DUI driving and you already have a similar offense on your record.

Penalties imposed for repeat DUI offense

A second time DUI offender faces substantially severe penalties when compared to a first time offender. Fines up to $1500 may be imposed along with other penalties and they are higher if you are a second time or third time offender. You may also be required to participate in community service programs for a specified number of hours.

Although the mandatory incarceration time is 10 days for repeat DUI offenders, you may face anywhere up to 365 days of jail time and/ or in- home detention. If the second DUI incident has occurred within 5 years of the previous DUI incident, imprisonment is unavoidable. The maximum jail term of one year may be extended in cases of vehicular manslaughter or vehicular assault. In addition, if other charges have been imposed on you, the judge is authorized to run consecutive sentences, adding up all the terms of imprisonment.
If you have been charged with DUI for the third time (or more), you face a minimum of 60 jail days with no option of the home detention alternative and the jail term may extend longer as well. The penalties and punishments may vary depending on the county since some have special multiple offender programs that require the offender to undergo treatment and after care in addition to imprisonment and work release.