st, 2nd, and 3rd Offenses
imagesColorado lawmakers are taking a serious stance on 1st, 2nd, and 3rd offenses in DUI charges. Their bid to make drunk driving offenses a felony for those who already have three or more such incidents recorded against them stands testament to this. As of now, the law in the state of Colorado still considers traffic violations, including DUI offenses, a misdemeanor irrespective of whether this is the driver’s first, or fourth, offense. This means that there is no cap set on the number of convictions that an individual can receive without a felony charge. However, DUI penalties in the state have been getting increasingly more severe and this is good reason for you to call in an expert Colorado DUI lawyer if you have been caught driving under the influence for the third or fourth time.

Compulsory jail time for repeat offenders

Repeat DUI offenders face a compulsory jail term for this offense in Colorado and this term may be combined with an in- home detention period as well as other penalties including fines, community service and more. There are many factors that influence the court’s treatment with regard to DUI convictions, such as the number of previous DUI arrests, the BAC level, the effectiveness of your defense, your consent or refusal to take the BAC level detection test and even your response to the law enforcement officer when you were asked to pull over.

DMV charges vs. court charges

Another aspect you should be aware of is that, according to Colorado DUI law, your case may be dismissed by the DMV but this does not mean that legal charges against you are nullified as well. The county court proceedings are independent of the DMV and you may still receive penalties at the end of court proceedings. Also remember that jail term is unavoidable even if this is your second DUI offense and the first offense was more than 20 years back. It is the court’s discretion to look up your records as far back as they decide is relevant.

For More Information

For more information on repeat offenses in the state of Colorado, please visit: http://dui.drivinglaws.org/colorado.php