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Colorado DUI StatisticKris Miller is a top-rated Colorado Springs DUI defense lawyer who specializes in all types of DUI and DWAI (driving while ability impaired) related offenses. At our firm, Kris Miller Law, we pride ourselves on experience, knowledge, aggressive and tireless representation, and, most importantly, compassion. We’re dedicated to minimizing the fear and confusion that come with being charged with a DUI or DUID (driving under the influence of drugs).

If charged with driving under the influence, you need a DUI defense attorney who will aggressively defend you to ensure the best possible outcome. The penalties imposed for DUI vary from case-to-case and are dependent on several factors. With a keen understanding of Colorado Criminal Defense Law, Kris Miller Law is devoted to helping you maneuver through your unique case.

One of the biggest mistakes made by those who have been charged with a DUI related offense is taking a backseat and trusting the system to treat them fairly and compassionately. It won’t. Even if you did in fact fail a field sobriety test, or if you took a blood test that showed levels of alcohol well above the legal limit, you still have rights. Also, there are still varying degrees of sentences that the state can hand down in the courts. You’re facing the loss of your license, mandatory alcohol treatment classes and possibly jail time, but none of those are certainties. It takes experience to properly analyze all of the facts and circumstances surrounding your case to identify the best strategy to implement so you can receive the best possible outcome.

Why Choose Our Colorado Springs DUI Attorneys

Experienced DUI Law Firm

The first step after you are charged with a DUI or a DUID is to hire an experienced DUI attorney in Colorado who will understand the exclusive circumstances of your case. The skill and quality of the attorney you choose is the backbone of your case, so you’ll want to ensure that the firm you hire is as knowledgeable in Colorado Criminal Defense Laws as possible. Kris Miller Law specializes in criminal defense, and our team is vastly experienced in the laws pertinent to Colorado Springs DUI cases.

We’ll Fight for You

We know how devastating an arrest for a DUI or DUID can be. A conviction can result in costly fines, alcohol-education classes, suspension or revocation of your license, increased auto insurance rates and, in some cases, jail time. Losing the privilege to drive can cost you your career while also affecting your personal life.

As a leading firm among Colorado Springs DUI lawyers, Kris Miller Law wants to fight for you and will investigate every aspect of your case thoroughly to ensure we achieve the best possible results on your behalf. With the high caliber of legal representation we offer, along with a track record of success, you can rest easy in knowing that our DUI defense attorney firm is on your side.

We Don’t Wait Around

Time is an important factor in defending your case. At Kris Miller Law in Colorado Springs, our team takes action immediately after a DUI to ensure that we are able to aggressively fight for you from the very start until the very end. We work diligently to defend you against DUI-related charges and to help mitigate future consequences.

Colorado DUI/DUID Law Statistics:

  • More than 26,000 people are arrested annually for DUI in Colorado.
  • Roughly 150 people are killed each year in alcohol-related traffic crashes.
  • Over the course of 4 years, 16% of vehicle-related fatalities involved drivers who tested positive for drugs.

Even if you do not choose to go with our DUI lawyer firm, your safety is still immensely important to us. We strongly encourage you to use Lyft, Uber or a cab when you’ve had more than the legal limit allows. Click here for coupons and discounts for Lyft and Uber.

Act Now

We will handle all the work involved with your case, but you must make the first move. Let us know as soon as you are charged with DUI or DUID so we can begin fighting for you and your rights.

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