omestic Violence Charges Against Military Personnel
imgres-3Domestic violence charges can have some far reaching consequences for any individual. It can cost you the right to your freedom, keep you from being with or even seeing your children, it can affect your employment as well as your rights to possess a firearm. Domestic violence & members of the military can face consequences that can end your career, especially the restrictions on possessing a firearm.

Even negotiated pleas can have serious consequences

For military personnel, even negotiated pleas can result in some highly adverse consequences for their career and their ability to grow in rank. While pleading guilty in such a plea may mitigate the immediate impact of the incident, this acceptance of guilt becomes a permanent blemish on your character and has the potential to affect your career growth in the defense forces quite drastically. Keep in mind that a conviction for domestic violence also results in a ban on owning firearms for a MINIMUM period of a year, resulting in a career breaking situation.

Expert advice to safeguard your rights and your military career

It is truly in your best interests to take the advice and guidance of our expert Colorado domestic violence defense attorney for military personnel before you make any statements or acceptance of guilt. We have the experience and knowledge of prevailing law to mount a strong defense on your behalf and mitigate the legal repercussions on your military career. Our goal is to mount intervention before formal charges are made, present a strong defense to get charges dismissed or negotiate to a lesser charge or a deferred sentence that does not reflect in your military record.

Remember that a domestic violence charge may prevent you from future deployment on missions where firearms need to be handled. Make sure that you never face these career ending scenarios due to domestic violence charges. Talk to us as soon as you hear about the charges being brought against you to safeguard your rights and to protect your honor most effectively.