hat you Should Know about the Fast Track Domestic Violence Program
imgres-1Under the prevailing law in Colorado, the law enforcement officers follow the mandatory arrest policy for domestic violence cases. To ensure that the accused as well as victim receive speedy legal resolution to the issue, the accused is brought to court on the day following the offense under the Fast Track program. The victim of the domestic violence incident receives a Notice to Appear asking them to be present in court at the same time, facilitating the issue of a Mandatory Protection Order or MPO to them on completion of the court proceedings.
The Fast Track program favors the victim by bringing the accused to the court quickly, preventing any further incident of domestic violence. However, for the accused, the program can bring excessive pressure to bear, forcing them to make an ‘instant’ decision to plead guilty irrespective of whether or not this is the case. Taking the advice and guidance of an experienced Colorado domestic violence attorney is the best option in such situations because of the long term impact that such guilty plea can have on the suspected offender’s life.

Is the Fast Track program truly helpful?

As an individual accused of domestic violence, the Fast Track program may not work in your favor. Individuals who have been arrested for this offense for the first time under a misdemeanor charge may be in the Fast Track program. You meet the Deputy District Attorney during the first court appearance so that an early resolution may be reached. However, early resolution often requires that you plead guilty, end up with a one year probation (minimum) plus Domestic Violence Treatment classes. The guilty plea has some serious consequences on your record and opting for this plea without thinking about your defense, your rights or exploring other options is not always the best for you.

Talk to our expert Colorado domestic violence lawyers as soon as you have been accused of this misdemeanor and ensure that you are not pressured into a guilty plea unnecessarily. We have the in- depth knowledge of prevailing law and the experience to protect your rights most effectively.