eing Charged with Stalking in Colorado.
imgres-2Domestic Violence charges for stalking is a felony offense in Colorado and the penalties and punishments it can result in are numerous and severe. Often, the accused in these charges is completely unaware that what they have been doing is construed as a criminal offense. Actions that may seem innocent and harmless to the accused may result in a great deal of stress and inconvenience to the victim, causing them to bring about charges against the former. It is in such situations that competent legal defense from experienced Colorado stalking defense attorneys can make a significant difference.

Stalking defined as per Colorado law

In Colorado, harassment and stalking are both serious offenses and for an inexperienced person it may be a difficult task to tell the two and their legal implications apart. The most important thing to remember is that while harassment is a Class 3 misdemeanor, stalking is a more serious offense with first time offenders guilty of committing a Class 5 felony if the charges against them can be proved.

An individual is guilty of stalking if they intentionally follow, contact, approach repeatedly another person or any member of that person’s family or a person with whom they have continuing relationship. A person who places another under surveillance is also guilty of stalking the latter.

Expert advice to battle legal complexities

There are many actions that be deemed to constitute stalking and this can make the situation very difficult even for a person who is legitimately trying to communicate with someone who is unwilling to interact. It is with these cases especially that you need the services of expert Colorado defense attorneys to present the facts in your favor aggressively and acquit you of stalking charges conclusively and decisively. Talk to us as soon as you have been accused of stalking to ensure that your rights are protected to the fullest in every possible way.