omestic Violence Charges
Domestic Violence Charges refer to the physical harm caused to a person by their domestic partner, spouse, parent etc. Generally, domestic violence consists of simple physical violence such as hitting or slapping carried out on a person by a family member or partner. However, in some cases, rape and murder are referred to as forms of domestic violence.
It is a considered to be a unique crime as the perpetrator is always a person known to the victim and is someone the victim has had or continues to have an intimate relationship with. This, especially, includes couples, irrespective of marital status or sexual orientation.

Who can charge you with Domestic Violence

There are several conditions concerning who can charge you with domestic violence. According to the ‘Prevention of Domestic Violence Act’, the following people can file a DV complaint:

  • Spouse/former spouse or household member: A person above the age of 18 or an emancipated minor can file a complaint of domestic Violence if they have faced physical abuse from their spouse, former spouse, or any other member of the household.
  • Those with child or expecting a child together: Couples, married or unmarried, who have a child or children or are expecting one together are covered under this act. This means, that if one of the partners faces physical abuse from the other, he/she can file a domestic Violence complaint.
  • Those in a dating relationship: This covers couples who have dated in the past or are still dating. For example, a girlfriend or ex-girlfriend can file a domestic violence complaint against her boyfriend or ex-boyfriend, if she has faced or faces physical abuse from him.

Call A Domestic Violence attorney

If you have been charged with a domestic violence or Domestic Violence related offense, then it is of utmost importance that you get in touch our domestic violence attorneys. We can help you fight a domestic violence charge by navigating through the tough legal system, providing you with a favorable outcome.