Colorado Springs Domestic Violence Defense

Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer Kris Miller represents clients facing charges of Domestic Violence and related charges including first, second and third degree assault, battery, harassment, kidnapping, burglary, menacing, criminal misdemeanors, trespass and other crimes involving violence. Domestic Violence related crimes are very serious and the state of Colorado has a very low level of tolerance for such charges. The penalties, if convicted for domestic violence are stiff and can range from hefty fines to extended jail sentences ranging from months to years. Even if you’re able to avoid jail time, there’s little chance of escaping probationary periods, possible substance abuse monitoring, and lengthy enrollments in behavioral treatment courses. If children were involved in the incident, or simply present during the event, it’s very possible that charges of child abuse can be brought and in many cases both parties, regardless of who called the police, may face charges.

What’s most difficult for the accused to understand is that Colorado’s stance toward Domestic Violence means that charges don’t need to be filed by the supposed victims of the alleged crime in order for the accused to face the law. The state requires an officer to arrest one or both parties when called to the scene of an escalated domestic dispute. It also requires certain persons to report cases of alleged domestic violence to the authorities if they’ve been informed of the incident. This can include nurses, doctors, therapists, teachers, counselors to name a few. Often times arrests are made days and sometimes even weeks after an incident has occurred. Often times the parties involved have made amends prior to the arrest adding to the difficulty of understanding the nature of Domestic Violence offenses.

This is a confusing and challenging time for any couple, regardless of the circumstances. From the moment you are arrested, everything you say and do can have an unintentional and possibly adverse impact on your case. Whether you are the victim, or the accused, the best thing you can do is remain silent and seek out the best possible representation to fight for your rights. Domestic Violence cases can quickly spiral out of control. A misdemeanor charge can escalate to a felony, and the consequences can become life altering.A person, however, cannot be accused of domestic violence without evidence. If you are accused of domestic violence by your partner, you need the support of a credible and qualified domestic violence defense attorney who can help you stay out of prison and minimize your penalty to as less as possible. Miller Law attorneys have handled hundreds of domestic violence defenses successfully, with most of them resulting in dismissals or victories in jury trials. Don’t take risks with your future. The Team at Miller Law knows how to handle your case and how to work with the District Attorney’s office to keep your case and your outcome under control.

Possible Domestic Violence Defense Options

A Domestic Violence case can lead to several legal consequences for the defendant and some of them can be very harsh. These consequences or penalties may include eviction from a private residence, exorbitant fines and fees, as well as jail time. It can even affect the outcome of a child custody hearing.

Fortunately, a good Domestic Violence attorney can help you with your case and save you from facing these penalties. Using their detailed knowledge and experience, a Domestic Violence attorney can possibly help you walk out of a Domestic Violence case or at least reduce the consequences or penalties.
For instance, a Domestic Violence attorney can question whether the complaint fits the necessary criteria. Ideally, a Domestic Violence complaint must fit the criteria of homicide, sexual assault, terroristic threats, harassment, stalking, assault, criminal sexual contact, mischief etc. If the filed complaint doesn’t fit these descriptions, then the Domestic Violence complaint becomes invalid.
However, only a DV attorney can identify such errors using thorough analysis. After which, he/she can prove the invalidity of the complaint in court.

Hire a Domestic Violence Attorney

Domestic Violence cases are never easy and rarely are charges dropped for those who choose to go it alone.  The state takes all allegations, false or not, very seriously. The consequences of conviction are serious and life altering. Don’t leave your future in the hands of anyone. Let the team at Kris Miller Law fight for your rights and your freedom. We’re work tirelessly to ensure you receive the highest level of attention and commitment to your case. We will not stop until we’ve reached the best possible outcome for your situation. Get in touch with us today!