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Criminal Defense Attorney in Colorado Springs, CO

Over 1,000 Criminal Cases Represented

acing DUI Charges in Colorado Springs?

Being charged with DUI or DUID is a very serious and often times scary experience for the accused. Punishment for convictions have become more severe over time in Colorado and it’s more important now than ever that you hire an experienced and aggressive DUI attorney whose acumen includes comprehensive management of all types of DUI & DUID related offenses. Kris Miller Law is a Colorado Springs DUI attorney who specializes in all types of DUI related offenses. We represent both minors and adults who have been charged with driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

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acing Domestic Violence Charges in Colorado Springs?

Kris Miller Law has fought hundreds of domestic violence cases with successful outcomes. We understand the severity of domestic violence allegations and the sensitive nature of domestic violence cases. A negative outcome could diminish reputation, livelihood, career, and even one’s freedom. Domestic violence cases are burdened with strict and seemingly unfair laws. Colorado has a mandatory arrest law which means if the police are called to the scene, an arrest must be made. Many times the supposed victim in the incident doesn’t even want to press charges. Once the arrest has been made, you’ll to have to fight the state, even if charges are dropped.

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Our Criminal Defense Attorneys Will Fight for Your Rights

Facing criminal charges of any kind is a difficult time. Your finances immediately become a concern as you consider the cost of legal representation. More important concerns can include: your family, your freedom, and ultimately your future. The costs of legal representation should be secondary to these greater concerns, so we want to encourage you to put money aside for a moment and give us a call to discuss your case for free. Once we’ve learned about your case and circumstances, we’ll be able to give you a better idea of what to expect and how much is truly at stake. You can then make an informed decision about costs of legal aid vs. the risks of an unfavorable conviction.

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Our Criminal Defense Attorneys Specialize in the Following:


We provide experienced and aggressive representation of all types of DUI & DUID related offenses.

Domestic Violence Defense

We’ll fight to protect you and your families best interest, and achieve the best possible outcome

Sexual Assault

Whether wrongly accused or guilty as charged, you have rights. We fight tirelessly to ensure they’re honored and the law is served justly.

Assault & Abuse

Their are always two sides to an assault case. What you say can and will be used against you. Let us do the talking for you with your best interest in mind. 

Drug Crimes

From misdemeanor possession to felony distribution laws, the consequences of conviction are life altering. Don’t leave anything to chance. Let us fight for your rights. 

Theft & Vandalism

Even the pettiest of crimes deserve thoughtful, diligent and often times aggressive legal representation. We treat all charges with the utmost level of care and concern.

Civil Litigation

Civil Disputes deserve the same level of experience, knowledge and commitment as Criminal Offenses. Your rights, and your interests are our number one priority. 

Family Law

For over 10 years we’ve proudly served as Colorado’s Springs’ Leading Family Law Firm . We’ve helped literally thousands of individuals through their most difficult times.

Criminal Defense Attorneys Serving Colorado Springs For Over 15 Years

Effective and successful representation takes experience, knowledge, preparation and a bit of creativity. At our Colorado Springs Criminal Defense Law Firm, we deliver victories for our clients by preparing a defense which encompasses all of these elements no matter how big or small our client’s budgets are. From the most severe of criminal allegations, to first offenses and minor misdemeanors, our track record represents a willingness and determination to fight vigorously for the rights of the accused. The consequences of being convicted of a criminal offense can be life-changing. Aside from personal and professional ramifications, you may be at risk of facing one or more of the following punitive measures:

  • Jail/Prison time
  • Fines from hundreds to hundreds of thousands of dollars
  • Community Service
  • Substance abuse classes
  • Probation
  • Registration as a sex offender
  • A permanent mark on your criminal record that will affect your background checks for employment & other matters

Outside of these direct consequences from a criminal conviction, the social and economic impact can effect a person’s overall well-being. From being denied jobs and/or housing to societal disapproval, avoiding the consequences of a conviction requires a knowledgeable and seasoned criminal defense attorney. Though it’s very rare an individual isn’t concerned with the consequences of conviction, negative outcomes effect each individual differently. For some conviction carries lesser impact on themselves or others they know. In other circumstances a conviction could literally destroy a family. It’s the time spent getting to know our clients on a personal level and gaining an understanding of their needs and goals. This is what influences our approach to their defense, and how we negotiate with the prosecution on their behalf.

We Build Relationships with Our Clients for Better Defense Case Outcomes

At Miller Law, you can be confident that you’ve found a Colorado Springs Criminal Defense Attorney who is going to take the time to get to know you as a client, as well as your family, so that we can gain a broad understanding of the personal issues surrounding your case first. Having a firm understanding of the accused as well as that of the alleged victim is critical to mounting the proper defense. This attorney / client relationship is essential to successful representation. Once the personal matters pertaining to your case are clear, we can move on to the factual and legal issues surrounding your case and ultimately determine what resources will be necessary in order to properly defend your rights.

Aggressive, Tireless & Compassionate Criminal Defense Representation

At Miller Law we treat all clients with the respect and compassion that they deserve. Despite how the system makes those who are accused feel after they’ve been charged with a criminal offense, we want to remind you that you are still presumed innocent until proven guilty. We strive to make our clients feel like people again, not criminals. We’ll work tirelessly and exhaust every resource we can to protect your rights and your interests. No matter what you circumstances are, Kris Miller Law would like to hear about them, and if given the chance – fight to defend your rights and your freedom.

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What Our Customers Are Saying About Our Attorneys

  • A calming and helpful attorney.  Mr. Miller was just amazing...
    We were so upset with our situation and annoyed that we even needed an attorney. He was so helpful and calmed us down and helped us get through all this. Whenever we called he either answered or called us right back and made sure we knew at all times what was going on. We highly recommend him. If we ever need an attorney again (which we hope we don't) we would call him. We highly recommend ....I didn't know an attorney could have a heart and still be effective. Our outcome was the best we could hope for.
  • Kris was efficient and evoked confidence in the court room.
    Peace of Mind. Kris was thorough in gathering information. He was always prompt to answer phone calls, he kept in touch and kept us on track, which I'm sure was occasionally hard to do. He was honest and practical. He did not give us false hopes but definitely gave us hope. We truly felt like he cared about our family and wanted what was best for us. Kris was efficient and evoked confidence in the court room. He was well prepared which kept our stress level down. We were all impressed with his manner and ability to bring out our position. We have not had to hire many lawyers in the past. I feel Kris set the bar high. He would be hard to top. After hearing other people's horror stories, I know we were extremely fortunate to find Kris.
  • Great Attorney.
    Mr. Miller helped me resolve an issue with my insurance company. I was very pleased with the outcome, and the level of professionalism from his office.
  • Superior Service!
    Just got done with a year-long divorce and was very happy that I had Kris Miller on my side. Kris was attentive, thorough, and proactive; just what I was looking for, and needed. He brings a prosecutor’s experience/mentality to family law, which was highly beneficial.

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